Pure Love ceremony April 24, 2013

On Wednesday April 24, 2013,  Shiner Pure Love held its annual pure love ceremony.  This year there were 27 young men and women who made the promise to live a chaste life and remain abstinent from sex until holy matrimony. 

Fr. Kirby gave a talk on the importance of our body.  One of the greatest gifts God gave us is the gift of our body.  We should cherish the gift of our body.  We should honor our body because when we do we honor our soul. When we reduce sex to just a function of the body we do not honor our body and we damage our soul. God elevated matrimony as a sacrament.  The creative power of love between a husband and wife gives us a glimpse of the incarnation of God.

May God bless and protect these 27 young men and women as they live a life of purity.

Pure Love ceremony will be held on April 24, 2013

Our pure love ceremony will be held this year on April 24 at 7pm in the Church.  There are approximately 41 young ladies and men who will decide to make the pure love promise.  Keep them in your prayers.  St Maria Goretti pray for them.

Pure Love ceremony 4-25-12

There were 16 young men (9) and young women (6) who made the pure love promise this Wednesday evening.  It is really impressive to witness these young people coming before God and their parents to make the promise to live a pure life and abstain from having sex until sacramental marriage.  A very herioc thing to do especially when our society is giving them the opposite message.

Fr Kirby gave an excellent talk at the ceremony.  He talked about how we are all called to live the virtue of chastity.  We need to be chaste with our bodies, by how we dress, what we watch on tv (internet), how we talk.  He reminded us that when you use your body inappropriately you damage your soul.  If you want to know what your soul looks like then look at what you do with your body. We must strive for purity.  Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

May God bless and protect these 16 young people and all those who took the pure love promise before them.  May God give them the strength to live a life of purity, one with no regrets.

Pure Love Ceremony 2012

The Pure Love ceremony for this year will be on April 25, 2012 at 7:00 pm.  Approximately 23 young men and women will be making the promise to live a pure and chaste life and save the gift of their sexuality for marriage.  May God bless them and all the other young men and women who have made this promise in past ceremonies.

Message from Jason Evert

This is a message sent from Jason Evert to the young men and women who took the pure love promise last night.

“Congratulations today on making the commitment to live a pure life.  Trust me that this is a decision that you will never regret.  Motivated by love for your God and perhaps love for your future husband or wife, persevere in the promise you’re making.  The struggle will seem fierce at times, but God is with you in the battle.  As you grow in purity, anticipate that some will mock you.  Do not be discouraged.  No matter what kind of life you lead, you will pay a certain price.  If you live a pure life, they may label you as a prude, but if you choose to abandon a life of virtue, you can be sure that they will call you less pleasant names.  Therefore, if others look down upon you for choosing to rise above the low expectations of the world, do not be afraid.

My prayer for you today is that those of you who are young men will realize the great gift and responsibility of your manhood, and that God has given you strength to do remarkable things for Him.  By the way you love women, make the love of Christ visible to your friends and classmates.  As John Paul II said, God has entrusted to every man the dignity of every woman.  By learning to love these women as your sisters in humanity, you will become worthy husbands, fathers, and perhaps even priests.

As for you young women, God has blessed you with a share of heaven in the beauty you possess.  Use this beauty to draw the hearts of men towards God, and not away from Him.  Because you are made in the image and likeness of a God who is love, you will never find fulfillment in a relationship that does not reflect His love for you.  Only by opening yourself to God’s love will you be able to fully love another.  In the meantime, trust in God’s timing, and allow Him to bring you the love you desire.

Be assured of my prayers, and keep me (and our ministry) in your prayers as well.  God bless you.”

Pure Love ceremony 4-20-11

Last night at the pure love ceremony, 27 young men and women made the promise to live a pure life and save the gift of their sexuality for marriage.  What a courageous decision for them to make….two of the young men even forfeited playing in their baseball game just to be there.

Fr Bob gave an awesome talk about our human sexuality.  He mentioned the idea of re-gifting.  You know how when you receive a gift from someone and you may already have that item/or thing and you wrap it up and then give it to someone else as a gift.  He told us how the gift of our sexuality is a great gift from God and it is to be given to your spouse when you get married.  If  you are giving away yourself  sexuality to someone else before marriage you are then re-gifting yourself.

May God bless and protect all the 27 young men and women as they strive to live a pure life.


We make them all the time.  Do I hit the snooze button for a few more minutes of sleep or do I get out of bed? Do I pay attention in class or do I disprupt the class?  Do I decide to make the pure love promise vowing lead a chaste life or do I decide not to… fearing I will be ridiculed for making this promise.

It is not always easy to make the right decision.  Many times obstacles are put in our way and it can make it very difficult to decide what to do.  Sometimes making the right decision can cause you to be laughed at and looked down on by others, even by a friend.  Just remember what Jesus tells us, ” Blessed are those who are persecuted for my sake, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven”. (Matt 6)  WOW….Jesus promises us that if we follow Him even if we are laughed at or persecuted for making choices that bring us closer to Him we will have the Kingdom of Heaven. Awesome! 

So hey, if you are making the decision to lead a chaste, pure life and you are being ridiculed by others because of it…so what, at least you know you are making the right decision and in the end it really does not matter what others think or say.  Heaven awaits….

Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to the Shiner pure love website.  The mission of Shiner Pure Love is to promote the virtues of Modesty and Chastity.  God calls everyone to live a chaste life whether single or married.  Chastity is not abstinence, but if you are single it does require you to abstain from sex until sacramental marriage.  Chastity means to be pure in mind…what we think, what we watch on TV, internet,movies, what we listen to and read.  Also, to be pure in body….how we act, how we dress.  Chastity is a virtue…you can not attain it overnight but must practice it everyday.

I hope this website will be helpful to you as you strive to live a pure and holy life.