Shiner Pure Love ceremony 2015


On April 22,2015 there were 60 young men and women who said yes to pure love. With their parents present, they each took the pure love promise vowing to remain abstinent until holy matrimony and to live the virtue of chastity. Fr. Kirby gave a talk telling them to be courageous and stand up for God and live the virtue of chastity. He told the young ladies that if they have a boyfriend or boy who does not respect their purity then to tell them “goodbye”. Like wise, he advised the young men to stay away from the girls who want to be sexually active with them. He told them to really mean what they say and work hard at living out the promise. Reminding them that Jesus did not have good things to say about hypocrites.

Please pray for these courageous young men and women. They join over 400 other young men and women who made the promise before them. Pray that God blesses them and helps them live the promise of living the virtue of chastity.

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