Sacred Heart pure love ceremony

Sacred Heart PL ceremonyThe first pure love ceremony at Sacred Heart in Halletsville was held on April 15. There were 19 young men and women who said yes to pure love. They took the promise to live a chaste life and stay abstinent until holy matrimony. With their parents present they made the promise and each signed the pledge card. Msgr. John gave a great talk telling them that it was great to see them come forward and make this promise to live a pure life. He told them in living the virtue of chastity you learn to respect others and yourself and your bodies. He talked about St. Philomena who was a virgin and was martyred for purity and we can follow her example.

These courageous young men and women who are the first in Hallettsville to make the pure love promise. Pray that God guides them and helps them live their promise to live chastity and that their

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