I made the pure love promise but broke it….now what?

When you take the pure love promise you should have a real desire to truly want to live a pure life…live chastity. If you broke your pure love promise it does not necessarily mean you still don’t have that desire. The pure love promise does not guarantee you will not have temptations or even fall into sexual sin (premarital sex, pornography, masturbation, immodesty, etc). If you broke your promise, DO NOT DESPAIR (the devil wants you to despair or not care) you CAN start over.

Jesus taught us something on His way to calvary. He fell 3 times and each time He got up, picked up His cross and continued on to the place where He died for us. DO NOT GIVE UP but get up, go to confession and confess your sins then recommit to your pure love promise. You are still worth waiting for regardless of what happened in your past. DO NOT COMPROMISE your purity from this day forward and give it your all. Jesus gave it all for you.

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