26 take the pure love promise

The shiner pure love ceremony was held on April 23, 2014 at SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church.  There were 26 young ladies and young men who made the promise to live a chaste life and remain abstinent until holy matrimony.  There were also 3 young men and 4 young women who recommitted to the pure love promise they made last year and the year before.   Fr Kirby gave an excellent talk at the ceremony.  He talked about how we are created in God’s image, our body is created in His image and His Spirit dwells in us.  The world has made sex a casual thing, no big deal.  But this is not true, God has made sex a big deal so big He made it sacred and  designed only for the sacrament of holy matrimony.  This years ceremony was dedicated to the memory of  Trista Ken Sevcik and Matthew Pohler.  May God bless the 26 who took the pure love promise and the 7 who recommitted to their promise.

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