Pure Love ceremony April 24, 2013

On Wednesday April 24, 2013,  Shiner Pure Love held its annual pure love ceremony.  This year there were 27 young men and women who made the promise to live a chaste life and remain abstinent from sex until holy matrimony. 

Fr. Kirby gave a talk on the importance of our body.  One of the greatest gifts God gave us is the gift of our body.  We should cherish the gift of our body.  We should honor our body because when we do we honor our soul. When we reduce sex to just a function of the body we do not honor our body and we damage our soul. God elevated matrimony as a sacrament.  The creative power of love between a husband and wife gives us a glimpse of the incarnation of God.

May God bless and protect these 27 young men and women as they live a life of purity.

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