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Pure Love ceremony 2015


On May 6, 2015 , these 11 courageous young men and women who were unable to make the ceremony on April 22 (due to circumstances beyond their control) made the promise to live the virtue of chastity and remain abstinent from sex until holy matrimony. Please pray for them and all the young men and women who made this promise before them that God bless them and help them live the virtue of chastity.

Shiner Pure Love ceremony 2015


On April 22,2015 there were 60 young men and women who said yes to pure love. With their parents present, they each took the pure love promise vowing to remain abstinent until holy matrimony and to live the virtue of chastity. Fr. Kirby gave a talk telling them to be courageous and stand up for God and live the virtue of chastity. He told the young ladies that if they have a boyfriend or boy who does not respect their purity then to tell them “goodbye”. Like wise, he advised the young men to stay away from the girls who want to be sexually active with them. He told them to really mean what they say and work hard at living out the promise. Reminding them that Jesus did not have good things to say about hypocrites.

Please pray for these courageous young men and women. They join over 400 other young men and women who made the promise before them. Pray that God blesses them and helps them live the promise of living the virtue of chastity.

Sacred Heart pure love ceremony

Sacred Heart PL ceremonyThe first pure love ceremony at Sacred Heart in Halletsville was held on April 15. There were 19 young men and women who said yes to pure love. They took the promise to live a chaste life and stay abstinent until holy matrimony. With their parents present they made the promise and each signed the pledge card. Msgr. John gave a great talk telling them that it was great to see them come forward and make this promise to live a pure life. He told them in living the virtue of chastity you learn to respect others and yourself and your bodies. He talked about St. Philomena who was a virgin and was martyred for purity and we can follow her example.

These courageous young men and women who are the first in Hallettsville to make the pure love promise. Pray that God guides them and helps them live their promise to live chastity and that their

Pure Love ceremony 2015

Shiner pure love is going on the road. On April 15, 2015 a pure love ceremony will be held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Hallettsville, TX. This will be the first time Shiner pure love will travel out of Shiner. A chastity talk will be given to over 200 high school students in Hallettsville on April 8 and then the Pure Love ceremony will be held on April 15,2015 at 6:pm in the church.

The Pure Love ceremony in Shiner will be held on April 22, 2015 at SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church at 7 pm. This will be the 12th year for the Pure Love ceremony in Shiner.

Pray for all the young men and women who will be at the talks to be inspired to follow God’s call to live a chaste live.

I made the pure love promise but broke it….now what?

When you take the pure love promise you should have a real desire to truly want to live a pure life…live chastity. If you broke your pure love promise it does not necessarily mean you still don’t have that desire. The pure love promise does not guarantee you will not have temptations or even fall into sexual sin (premarital sex, pornography, masturbation, immodesty, etc). If you broke your promise, DO NOT DESPAIR (the devil wants you to despair or not care) you CAN start over.

Jesus taught us something on His way to calvary. He fell 3 times and each time He got up, picked up His cross and continued on to the place where He died for us. DO NOT GIVE UP but get up, go to confession and confess your sins then recommit to your pure love promise. You are still worth waiting for regardless of what happened in your past. DO NOT COMPROMISE your purity from this day forward and give it your all. Jesus gave it all for you.

How far is too far?

 You are asking the wrong question because what you are asking is how much can I use this person without sinning.  Any use is sinning.  It means you don’t care about giving love at all but just taking physical pleasure.  The closer you get to whatever boundry you may have drawn, the more likely you are to fall. St John Paul II said the opposite of love is’nt hate, it is use.  Use goes beyond hate because it treats the other person as less than human.  Is that really what you want to do to the person you say you love?   The question you should be asking is What can I do to truly love and respect this person?

Shiner Pure Love news

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St. John Paul the Great

On Sunday April 27, 2014 Pope Frances cannonized two popes, St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II.  This was a historical day in the catholic church as two popes were cannonized on the same day, never before has that happened.

St. John Paul II was a great pope.  He gave us so much in his 27 years as pope.  One of the greatest gifts he gave us was his teachings on the human person.  During his Wednesday audiences in St Peter’s Square, he gave many talks on the gift of our sexuality and his vision of the human person body, soul, and spirit.  St. John Paul II portrays a beautiful vision of sexuality in his Theology of the Body.  He encourages a true reverence for the gift of our sexuality and challenges us to live it in a way worthy of our great dignity as human persons. 

We are so blessed to have been given this awesome Pope to guide us and teach us the true meaning of our sexuality and the human person.  Let us live by these words of St. John Paul the Great.  “Live Chastity, Don’t do drugs, Strive to become a Saint”  and “Do not be afraid”.

26 take the pure love promise

The shiner pure love ceremony was held on April 23, 2014 at SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church.  There were 26 young ladies and young men who made the promise to live a chaste life and remain abstinent until holy matrimony.  There were also 3 young men and 4 young women who recommitted to the pure love promise they made last year and the year before.   Fr Kirby gave an excellent talk at the ceremony.  He talked about how we are created in God’s image, our body is created in His image and His Spirit dwells in us.  The world has made sex a casual thing, no big deal.  But this is not true, God has made sex a big deal so big He made it sacred and  designed only for the sacrament of holy matrimony.  This years ceremony was dedicated to the memory of  Trista Ken Sevcik and Matthew Pohler.  May God bless the 26 who took the pure love promise and the 7 who recommitted to their promise.

Shiner Pure Love ceremony April 23, 2014

The Pure Love ceremony is set for April 23,2014 at 7PM at SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church.  This years ceremony will be dedicated to the memory of  Trista Ken Sevcik (2 Yrs)  on the first anniversary of her death and to Matthew Pohler(20 yrs) who died a few weeks ago.  Matthew took the pure love promise in 2010.  Trista and Matt please pray for the young men and women who will be making the pure love promise.